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When you’re celebrating or just need a beverage to pair with some poultry or seafood, wine is your go-to drink.

Wine picks up the flavors of your meal and enhances them, which makes for an unparalleled dining experience!

All of the wines we sell are made and bottled on-site with high quality grapes and fruit so that you can enjoy the freshness and flavor that wine was meant to have. Call us today to place an order for our award-winning wine!

Light and refreshing wHITE wines to clear your pallet

  • Vidal Blanc Reserve - $13.95, dry white wine
  • Gewurztraminer - $14.95, spicy aromatic bouquet, medium body
  • Riesling - $13.95, semi-dry peach and apricot aromas
  • Niagara - $10.95, intense grape flavor and aroma
  • Game Day White - $13.95, when you want Vidal Blanc a little of dry

Smooth and savory red wines to pair with dinner

  • Cabernet Sauvignon - $20.00, light oak, full-bodied
  • Merlot - $20.00, smooth and full-bodied with a light oak taste
  • Harvest Red - $12.95, full-bodied wine, cherry and blackberry aromas
  • Concord - $12.95, semi-sweet red wine, grape aroma and flavor

Beautiful and delicious rose wines to enjoy any time

  • Steuben - $9.49, award-winning, beautiful pink color
  • Horseshoe Curve - $12.95, semi-dry Catawba blush wine
  • Holiday - $19.95, spiced concord blush, Christmas in a bottle

Flavorful fruit wines for dessert or to pair with something sweet

  • Berry - $15.95, blend or strawberry and raspberry fruit wine
  • Peach - $15.95, Best In Show Pennsylvania fruit wine, sweet
  • Spiced Apple - $13.95, apples and cinnamon
  • Cranberry Wine - $16.95, fresh and distinct, semi-sweet, easy to enjoy
  • Blueberry - $19.95, made from fermented, vine-ripened, whole blueberries
  • Blackberry - $19.95, 100% Blackberry
  • Cherry Chocolate - $19.95, blend of cherry wine and all natural chocolate
  • Sweet Apple - $17.95, 100% locally grown apples
  • Berry Sweet Cranberry - $19.95, ice-style Cranberry Wine

We have the largest wine tasting room in all of Pennsylvania and produce about 6,500 cases annually for your convenience.

Call Oak Spring Winery today 814-946-3799 to take advantage of our 10% OFF wine cases special, or browse our website for more information about our wine tasting events or about Oak Spring Winery.


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